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Since our chapter has agreed to move toward open pollination, many substandard trees must be removed from our orchards. At Fox Haven this past Saturday (May 23) volunteers Darryl Johnson, Larry Grossman, Karl Mech, Brent Jacobs, Susan and Allen Proper, Andrew Ralowitz, Tom Vegella, and about 10 Boy Scouts and fathers from Troop 792 in Frederick cut down and burned roughly 150 trees in one hard day. We will now be ready for open pollination at the Fox Haven and Dickey orchards within the next week or so. With any luck we should expect a huge crop of nuts for our seed orchards next Spring. Check out our Gallery to see the latest photos.

The Maryland Chapter is participating in several public events this spring. Volunteers are needed to manage our displays. See our "How Can I Help" page for details.

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