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Spring planting! We will plant about 500 B3F2 seeds in our seed orchard at Triadelphia, 130 B3F1 seeds in our backcross orchard near Hampstead and about 100 Restoration 1.0 seeds in our orchard at Ft. Detrick. The Ft. Detrick orchard is already laid out and nearly ready for planting day. The others need to have a lot done to prepare for planting, including marking all positions, driving the individual stakes, attaching tree shelters and digging the holes for the planting mix. Here are the key work dates.

  • March 24, 10:00 am-- prep day at the WSSC seed orchard at Triadelphia
  • March 28, 10:00am -- prep day at the SHA orchard at Hampstead
  • April 4, 10:00am -- planting at SHA, Hampstead
  • April 7, 10:00am -- planting at Ft Detrick (Frederick)
  • April 11, 10:00am -- planting at the seed orchard at Triadelphia Lake Rd.

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